About Us

The New Zealand Product Stewardship Council (NZPSC) is a strong advocate for effective product stewardship practices. They act as an independent voice for the community, pushing for regulations that benefit everyone.

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Their Mission

  • Conduct research and analysis on product stewardship.
  • Collaborate with various stakeholders (government, academia, industry) to develop and implement effective product stewardship programs.
  • Advocate for regulations that encourage producers to design less wasteful products.

Their Work in Action

  • The NZPSC actively participates in government initiatives, offering expert advice on product stewardship schemes like the beverage container return program.
  • They raise awareness by giving presentations and participating in conferences.
  • The Council contributes to policy development through written work, reports, and submissions. They’ve recently addressed issues like plastic microbead phase-out and expanding the waste disposal levy.

Why They Matter

The Waste Minimisation Act allows for product stewardship programs, placing the responsibility for waste management on producers and consumers, not just communities. This encourages businesses to design eco-friendly products and reduces the overall waste burden.

The NZPSC ensures the community has a say in shaping these programs. Without their involvement, industry interests might take precedence over environmental concerns. They provide a platform for local authorities and others to share information and influence the development of sustainable waste management solutions.