(Un) Changing Behaviour: (New Zealand’s delay & dysfunction in utilising) Economic Instruments in the Management of Waste? – An Open Submission to the New Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE).

The following open submission to the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment (PCE) has been developed by the New Zealand Product Stewardship Council[1] (NZPSC). This submission utilises the PCE’s 2006 ‘Changing Behaviour: Economic Instruments and the Management of Waste’ report[2], as a rubric for both, examining New Zealand’s poor performance around waste management and

E waste product stewardship long overdue

The New Zealand Product Stewardship Council (NZPSC) supports the recent call by the eDay Trust to introduce an e-waste product stewardship scheme for New Zealand. “Electronic waste has been a growing problem for New Zealand, and unlike most western countries, we have basically ignored it” says Sandra Murray, co-ordinator for

Cheap rubbish puts recycling out of business

Hundreds of thousands of tonnes of reusable and recyclable materials are going to landfill each year in NZ because waste disposal is the cheapest option. This includes electronic waste, plastic film, beverage containers and construction waste. A new report by Eunomia has proposed raising NZ’s landfill levy from the current

Reverse vending: A reversal of opportunity?

Reverse vending is where a bottle or can is placed into a vending machine and a coin, token or redemption voucher is offered in return. Reverse vending machines are often used in international container deposit schemes and certainly have a place in a well-designed container deposit scheme (CDS). They enable